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  • moniker — (n.) 1849, said to be originally a hobo term (but attested in London underclass from 1851), of uncertain origin; perhaps from monk (monks and nuns take new names with their vows, and early 19c. British tramps referred to themselves as in the… …   Etymology dictionary

  • moniker — [n] nickname appellation, byname, denomination, handle*, label, pet name*, sobriquet, tag*; concepts 268,683 …   New thesaurus

  • moniker — (also monicker) ► NOUN informal ▪ a name. DERIVATIVES monikered adjective. ORIGIN of unknown origin …   English terms dictionary

  • moniker — [män′i kər] n. [orig. hobo term < ?] Slang a person s name or nickname: also sp. monicker …   English World dictionary

  • Moniker — A moniker (or monicker) is another term for a nickname, pseudonym, or cognomen. Since the mid 19th century, the title has been used as a personal or professional name, instead of the person s given name, for works of art, music, books, and… …   Wikipedia

  • moniker — monicker monicker, moniker moniker . The name of a person, especially an alias or a nickname. [slang] Syn: nickname, alias, sobriquet, cognomen. [PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • moniker — noun /ˈmɒn.ɪ.kə,ˈmɑn.ɪ.kɚ/ a) A personal name or nickname. The rookie policewoman was upset being called Lemon Drop until she realized that everyone on the police force has a moniker. b) A signature An unidentified citizen filed the complaint… …   Wiktionary

  • moniker — [[t]mɒ̱nɪkə(r)[/t]] monikers N COUNT The moniker of a person or thing is their name, especially when they have changed it. [INFORMAL] She s the author of three detective novels under the moniker of Janet Neel …   English dictionary

  • moniker — UK [ˈmɒnɪkə(r)] / US [ˈmɑnɪkər] noun [countable] Word forms moniker : singular moniker plural monikers humorous a name, or a nickname …   English dictionary

  • Moniker — Recorded in a number of forms including Moncur, Mankor, Minker, Moniker, Moncarr, Muncor and Muncer, this is a famous Scottish surname. It is one which is claimed to be ultimately of Norman French origins, and if so may well owe something to the… …   Surnames reference

  • moniker — (monniker) n a name, nickname or alias. No defini tive history of this word has been estab lished. What is known is that it has existed in various spellings since the mid 19th century and that it was first used by tramps, vagrants and other… …   Contemporary slang

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